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Industrial sectors

In today’s industrial landscape, precise and durable marking solutions are essential for quality assurance, traceability, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Jungjohann leads this technology with advanced engraving solutions tailored to the specific needs of various industries.

Our engraving technology enables companies to increase efficiency, ensure product quality, and meet legal obligations. By combining state-of-the-art technology with deep industry knowledge, we deliver solutions that are not only precise and robust but also innovative and future-proof.

Jungjohann’s marking solutions are characterized by their durability and precision. They withstand the toughest industrial conditions and guarantee that each marking is clear, permanent, and correct. This is crucial to meet the high demands of our customers and enable seamless integration into existing production processes.

Furthermore, our approach to customization and personalization sets Jungjohann apart from other providers. We work closely with our customers to develop specially tailored engraving and marking systems that not only meet current but also future requirements.

Discover how Jungjohann’s engraving technology and marking solutions can transform your business. No matter which sector you operate in or what challenges you need to overcome, we provide the expertise and technology to improve your production efficiency and enhance your products.


Optimize efficiency and traceability with precise, permanent markings on all manufactured parts.


Ensure compliance and quality through robust, durable engravings on automotive components.

Space and aerospace

Meet the highest safety and quality standards with precise, indestructible markings in aerospace technology.

Medical technology

Ensure patient safety and equipment compliance through accurate, legible engravings on medical instruments.

Chemical industry

Enhance the safety and handling of your chemicals through clear, durable markings on containers and equipment.

Food industry

Promote food safety and traceability through effective and hygienic marking solutions.


Increase logistics efficiency through precise markings for enhanced tracking and management of goods.

Jewelry industry

Infuse each piece of jewelry with uniqueness and authenticity through custom, artistic engravings.

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As the managing director of Jungjohann Engraving Technology, I am your direct contact person. For questions, quotes, or information regarding our engraving techniques, please use the contact form. I ensure swift and precise responses to your inquiries.

Felix Opitz
Managing Director