Industrial engravings with unique embossing

Labelling, embossing, printing – industrial engravings are used in many industrial and manual manufacturing processes. There are many possible applications, but the demands placed on the tools are always the same.

High precision and quality without compromise for excellent results and a long service life.

Our products

Jungjohann combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge machine technology to find reliable and individual solutions for its discerning customers. Highly qualified engravers with decades of experience and a high level of vertical integration when it comes to tool-making guarantee top-notch products.

Machine tool manufacturing in Remscheid – Jungjohann makes it possible

Jungjohann produces hand stamping tools, machine stamps, type stamps and holders, brass stamps and hot embossing rotary tools, branding stamps, goldsmiths tools, sealing stamps, electrodes and special designs such as zinc diecasting tools and high frequency welding tools.

If you are facing a particular challenge and cannot find what you need among our standard products on this website Jungjohann can develop the right solution to suit your needs. Just ask us! 

Jungjohann makes it possible