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Industrial engravings

from Remscheid

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Professional engraving technology from Remscheid

Industrial engravings for marking, embossing & printing

Highest quality standards and high-quality workmanship – these are the hallmarks of stamps and printing tools from our company. Learn more here about what makes our products in the field of industrial engravings in Remscheid so outstanding and why you can rely on using them in your operation.

Industrial engravings from Remscheid – Jungjohann

In today’s times, the quality of industrial tools such as stamps or engraving tools cannot always be relied upon. Therefore, at Jungjohann Engraving and Tool Technology, we aim to be a reliable partner for your business in the manufacturing of such precision tools.

Whether for your goldsmith shop or your industrial company: Our products meet the highest standards and are crafted with great attention to detail and excellent execution in our traditional company.

It is important to us that the stamps are always made from robust materials and remain stable and durable even with frequent use.

As a company with traditional roots in solid craftsmanship, we want to support you in equipping your workshop for the challenges of our highly technological age, based on this quality.

Precision tools from Remscheid

Our range for engraving, embossing, and marking

Hand stamping tools

Powerful embossing with a tactile feel – Ideal for metal, leather, and custom workpieces

Machine stamps

Automated precision – High-performance stamps for efficient mass production

Embossing stamps

Impressive depth – Detailed embossments for exclusive brand messages

Type stamps & typeholders

Flexible and precise – Customizable marking solutions for variable texts and logos

Hot stamp die

Hot Elegance – Perfect precision for high-quality finishes on various surfaces

Brass stamp

Tradition meets precision – Noble brass embossings for timeless impressions

Rotary tools

Dynamic design – Continuous and uniform markings for cylindrical objects

Branding stamps

Heat meets precision – Customized branding for wood, leather, and more

Tools for goldsmiths

Creating noble artworks – Precision tools for intricate design and refinement

Seals, engravings & signs

Security and elegance – Customized solutions for permanent marking and identification

Special tools & electrodes

Customized innovation – Specialized solutions for precise results in your manufacturing

Always the right solution

Industry sectors

Discover our innovative solutions in the field of industrial engraving, tailored specifically to the requirements of various industry sectors. From the automotive industry to precision engineering – our state-of-the-art engraving techniques and embossing tools set new standards in quality and precision. Learn more about our customized products such as machine stamps and hot stamping dies, which will revolutionize your production processes.

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