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About Jungjohann

In 1929, Karl Jungjohann founded the Remscheid engraving company. As a supplier to the Bergisch industry, the family business quickly became known for its high quality. It survived the Second World War and became a major regional player.

In 1950, Karl Jungjohann Jr. joined the company. Due to rapid growth, the original premises soon became too small, prompting a move to a new location. In the early 1960s, copy engraving machines—a significant innovation at the time—were acquired.

In 1980, Klaus Jungjohann, representing the third generation, joined the company. With a forward-looking approach, he introduced modern CNC technology in the early 1990s.

In 2001, Klaus Jungjohann took over the management of the company.

In 2002, the company headquarters had to be relocated again to larger premises. The company was renamed Jungjohann Gravure and Tooling Technology. The company’s quality level became widely known. Jungjohann serves customers throughout Europe as well as in Central America and India.

In 2024, Felix Opitz took over the traditional company to merge tradition and progress.

Currently, Jungjohann employs eight staff members who have been closely connected to the family business for years, as well as one apprentice.

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Our Team

Felix Opitz

Hella Baier

Annette Jungjohann

Klaus Jungjohann

Company philosophy

Continuity for 95 years

At Jungjohann, we blend traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology to offer our customers the highest quality standards and innovative solutions. Our deeply rooted passion for precision and excellence drives us to exceed expectations in every project we undertake. Our commitment to quality is evident not only in our products but also in our customer-centric approach. We understand the unique requirements of our clients and strive to provide tailored solutions that precisely meet their needs. This philosophy has made Jungjohann a trusted partner for discerning clients across various industries, from industrial engraving to embossing technology. We take pride in being a company rooted in solid craftsmanship while remaining consistently innovative, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with engraving technology. Our goal is to continually set new standards and advance the industry through our work and products.

The direct line

Your contact with Jungjohann

As the managing director of Jungjohann Engraving Technology, I am your direct contact person. For questions, quotes, or information regarding our engraving techniques, please use the contact form. I ensure swift and precise responses to your inquiries.

Felix Opitz
Managing Director