The Jungjohann Graviertechnik e.K.

Family company with high quality standards

In 1929 Karl Jungjohann set up the engraving company in Remscheid. As a supplier to the industry in the Bergisches Land region the family company was soon renowned for its high quality. The company survived the Second World War and became a major national player.

In 1950 Karl Jungjohann junior joined the company. The company’s rapid growth meant that the original premises were soon no longer big enough and the company moved to new premises. At the beginning of the 1960s the company purchased copy engraving machines – an important innovation at the time.

In 1980 the third generation, headed by Klaus Jungjohann, took over the company. At the beginning of the 1990s, in a forward-looking move, he introduced modern CNC technology.

In 2002 the company once again moved to larger premises and was renamed Jungjohann CNC-Graviertechnik. Word got around about the company’s high quality standards. Jungjohann now hag customers throughout Europe as well as in Central America and India.

Jungjohann currently employs eight staff ,who have had a close connection with the family company for many years.

The company philosophy has stayed the same for 85 years
Solid craft, cutting-edge technology, high quality awareness and a dedicated customer focus characterise the company. This made Jungjohann a reliable partner for discerning customers from many different industries.

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