Machine stamps

For a long service life

Based on customer drawings Junjohann produces high-precision machine stamps such as for pressing tools in the automotive industry. Thanks to the company’s modern machinery and highly qualified employees tight tolerances are maintained.

Machine stamping tools are made from highly alloyed tool steel and, depending on requirements, hardened in our own hardening plant.

Roller stamps

Roller stamps can be used to mark straight or round workpieces in CNC automatic lathes or used in rolling machines. Special typeholders with exchangeable characters are also available.

Pressing stamps

Jungjohann produces pressing stamps with housing according to individual customer specifications.

Embossing stamps

Double embossing stamps can be used to create embossed or recessed markings in sheet metal. These are used in many different sectors, such as in the manufacture of barrels, in the packaging industry or in the manufacture of buttons for denim.

Stamp mouldings

Stamp mouldings, which are used among other things to mark forged wrenches, must be made from highly pressure-resistant material.

Stamps based on customer drawing

Production of machine stamps based on customer drawing e.g. for pressing tools in the automotive industry.

Thanks to our modern machinery tight tolerances can be maintained.