Brass stamps, Hot embossing stamps

For a lasting impression

Brass and hot embossing stamps are used to emboss different kinds of foils on packagings, book covers, promotional items and stickers. Hot embossing stamps can be made from brass or steel.

Brass stamps and hot embossing stamps

For embossing various foils on packaging , book covers, promotional materials, stickers etc.

Material: brass and steel

Blind embossing dies

Blind embossing dies are used in the printing industry for embossed or recessed paper embossing. They can also be supplied with counterpunch.

Seal stamps

Seal stamps to produce a personal seal.

Tools for cold embossing

Cold embossing can produce 3D effects in foils.

Hot stamp cylinders

Hot stamp cylinders can be used for rotary embossing gold and silver foils by the running metre such as on packagings.